Integrating Technology into the Classroom
Rich Kiker, March 2010

Day One


Social bookmarking site.Delicious Web Site
Rich has over 1000 sites mostly educational. Keeps all the sites you visit on a site that you can access from anywhere you are on line. Organized by “tags” like “education” a unique identifier. There are tag bundles for where as tags are files tag bundles are like folders.
There are tools for the toolbar for delicious. So you can log in and work on it anywhere
There are networks for people I connect with. Then I can access their sights too. Connect to them to find things that other people that are in the same things that I am into.
Provides a safer way to get the students to find information by directing their searches
Quoting sources from Delicious as a resource for MLA style papers is like quoting a source of a source. Very grey area. Cite the source that you are linked to not the person that shared the web site.
You need a Yahoo e-mail to get to Delicious.Build your network by going to the main page by clicking the word “delicious” at the top left of the website.
To add the button to the top of the page go to the wiki page from class click on social bookmarking click on


Wikipedia Website
The truth is that Wikipedia is more accurate than some hardback resources. It lists sources that can be used as a primary source for a resource paper. If you do a search for a topic on Wikipedia you scroll down to the bottom and there are direct links to the primary resources one could use for their paper.


is at Twitter
To use twitter just fill out the information and start networking with others by following them. You can follow anyone you find but they have to allow you to reply to them directly with permission only.

My twitter is Ecomanlive


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Web2.0 is a place where I can find tools and applications for free. There are applications for writing and publishing stories.