Wiki Blogs and Web Publishing

In class again with Rich Kiker

March 29, 2010

No Drinks or Food in the Lab
Self motivating, build onto my own schedule, finish when I need to finish. Projects can be personal not necessarily educationally based.
Everything due May 7, but I can finish earlier.
Every Monday night there is an on-line chat at the website. Class Web

Twitter is one of the best tools around. It is all in how one uses it.

Moodle is free online course blog. But it is sever based.

Why are we here tonight? Web Publishing, here as friends earning credits, following up after the last class she took with RK, Incorporate what we learn about technology into the schools we work at that are behind in the technology world, need the credits, stay one step ahead of the students, need something new for older students, NJ teachers have to live in NJ now so I have to update my PA certification, computerized programs for a reading specialist, pay increase, apply the wiki to language arts program, Web 2.0

What will we be doing? Down the center of the page are modules, (5). Jump around and look at each. Each module is each a project I need to do Information on how to get a hold of Rich. Chat room is important. It's a place to get information just by listening or participating. It is live all the time.

Course completion guidelines. Pass fail no grades. He has a wiki rubric.

Create an educational wiki.

Create an RSS really simple syndication. take the stream of information about news that is important to me. iGoogle I don't have to find the news through this technology I can bring the news to me through a RSS feed. There is a way that I can share the sites with others on the main menu in a drop down menu. I can put this on my Twitter Account. More than a link.

Create an original BLOG. Like a radio show host that has a once a week show and other people come in and comment. As a teacher I can post a weekly blog and the students can earn credit by adding to the blog. (Current events) Most blogs you need to have an e-mail to post an original blog. safe place for school. It can look like what I want it to look like. This is something that Word Blog is the best but Google has blogging. Parents can blog directly through a RSS feed.

One additional web publishing page. There is a bunch of stuff in the Top Ten. Just pick one of the six on the forth module.

Final Presentations. Publish to the web for the class. 10ish slides

On each module at the bottom there is a link then a tab that says Add entry in the middle.

To enter the chat on Monday in the first module is the link web publishing chat room.