Day 5

Power Point Presentations
Web was down at the beginning, so I took notes about power point presentations on a power point presentation

Look at wikis in plain English on Youtube there are demonstrations that explain Wikispaces.
Most people try to coordinate things by e-mail. But that means it creates an e-mail trail that is hard to keep track of. The advantage to a wiki is that you can coordinate things all on one page and change what appears on the page
Each person can start by opening a wiki edit write and save
You can create links to other important information sites related to the wiki site
Three very important buttons EDIT SAVE LINK
Create wiki's in...
...wetpaint...pbwiki or wikispaces
If you register with as a teacher you will get the wiki without adds
One can make several wikis.
Your wiki can be taken down at any time.
Good idea for field trips, projects, ongoing research and study groups.

There is a button called Manage Wiki this is where you can make changes on your wiki pages. Just play with it and change
the look and feel of your wiki.

Links there are two types of links: internal is within your wiki external is to link to a new web window on the internet
Wigets are serious tools for the wiki pages. When you first load them they look like a ghost or a shadow. You won't see it until you hit save.
Content manager is where you develop a discussion page to have a conversation.
Search for other wiki sites at wikispaces click on the button on the upper right corner and do a search.