All projects will be published on slideshare
Its a culminating activity that I will be able to share with the public.


Wiki or a twitter could be useful with this.

Digital Story Telling

Lots of stuff to do...include all the elements of a story...rise, falling action, climax...This is a very hot topic in education...use video...take a song and make the story of it, "Take the money and Run." Take a chapter of a book and make their rendition of their interpretation.Web connections are at the wiki course site.
This is free download.

Windows Movie Maker is installed on all IBM Computers.
The skills are the same as making a movie with digital story telling it just depends upon what you do with it.
You don't have to use video you can use pictures.

Everything that you use is stored in the same location or directory like Mixcraft.
I-Movie is very good and has a lot of tools.
Movie maker
Photo Story is a hybrid between power point and movie maker. create my own avatar.
Check out story bird connection is made through the courses Digital Story Telling section.

Creative Commons

Close everything on the web but Creative Commons
Start at the Find Button
Search engine
1. go to find
2. at the top uncheck the use for commercial purposes.
3. leave the modify checked
4. Search: type in the subject hit go
5. there are tabs at the top for other media
6. Flicker is good all the pictures are copy rite free
7. Click on the image choose all sizes or not
8. Right click on the image for a submenu choose save image as
9. Be careful here...I want to put everything for this project in the same folder.Create New Folder
10. Hit the back button to creative commons to collect more pictures jpeg
11. I can find Music too at Jamendo or get it right off my I-tunes.
12. elevator music use the MP3 version there are times listed at the bottom open with the defalt music player.
13. Right click on the amount of time I want at the bottom of the song save link as put it in the same folder as the other pictures are in.
14. Once you have downloaded or moved everything to the same folder then start on the movie.

Window Movie Maker

1. 1. Capture pictures click import images and go to the folder where everything is filed together.
2. I can select all at once.
3. Import audio or music click on it and select the music I want from the same folder where everything is filed together.
4. There are two views time line and storyboard
5. Grab the first picture and drag it to the first frame
6. Grab all the pictures and place them in order (the little boxes are the transitions
7. 2. Edit Movie click on video effects there is a blue star at the bottom left drag the effect that I want and drop it on the story board time line.
8. To delete you click on the star and hit delete button
9. It is better to use transitions between and effects on the first and the last frames.
10. Click on the View video transitions under 2. Edit Movie pick the ones I want and drag to the small buttons in between the frames. SAVE the movie in the same folder.
11. Adding audio toggle to time line at the bottom the hit the + / - to get a better view of the movie.
12. Click on show collections under 2. Edit Movie and select the music.
Click and drag the music to Audio/Music layer...I can trim the ends of the music...right click on the audio and you can fade in and fade out.
13.To make frames longer just point at the end of the frame click and drag to the desired time length. SAVE the movie again.
14. 3. Finish Movie Choose Save to my computer.


Trackstar and Jog the Web you can send students on an internet quest based upon the websites I want them to visit. In jog the web I can provide questions they have to answer on the web page they are on.


Jog the Web Site You can put information on the website for students to research. For a one period activity build a webquest between 4 and 8 sites. The > keys are used to go forward.
Sign up on Jog the Web
There are websites that are on the side in order and there are steps at the top of the webquest. If they go to a page and they start digging too deeply into the site you hit the refresh button in the middle of the < >
[Wordle fancy ways to make a fancy word cloud out of the words in the paper that is written.]

For Teachers --> Rubistar
Rubistar Web Site
How to save a rubric fill
in all the information you don't have to be a member, choose the categories, hit submit, the next option ,
highlight the rubric right click copy open and paste onto a blank word document and then save it as your document in one of your class folders.