All my Faves
This is a wonderful search engine for anything you need for anything you are doing. Seriously, intens

Spezify is a visual search engine

Slide Finder a place where you type in a subject and it finds slide shows that have been shared.
Look up Ted Robinson on how schools kill creativity video.
Wall wisher: post resources, share ideas ask questions and more it's like taking a post it note and leaving it for the teacher to address later

Todays Meeting
Todays Meet is like a live private chat room, when you make up the name of the meeting people can log on and add to the chat. You can set the amount of time the meeting is open on line to add to. You can also print out a journal of the dialog from the meeting in descending order.

NING like a private facebook or public several settings everything is customizable...see members...My page is my personal information, post notes
I could...assign a reading and respond assignment
Put a link to an article
Post relevant videos that you are studying in class.
Long term projects that they log hours on as the quarter goes on.
People who add to the ning their name is on it so no one can post unanimously
To find groups go to social networking on the courses wiki then click on finding a ning
You can find my ning at Ecoman's Ning

Animation presentations


create mini animated movies in class.

create animations

like a digital comic strip that you make

digital graphic maker